Sunday, March 11, 2012

Back to Vegas! 2012 Star Trek Convention

We’re getting ready to return to Las Vegas this Summer to polish our combadges at the Star Trek Convention ( and play some shows (TBA). We thought you might like to see our show we shot in Las Vegas back in late 1979:

And while we’re back in Vegas, we’ll be checking out some of our other favorite nerdy haunts:

Insert Coins: Insert coins is a bar that has hundreds of old school video games you can play while your drunk! Time to finally see if our deadbeat dad is really stuck in that stupid TRON Machine. End of line.

The Pinball Museum: Unlike the Louvre, you can play with the display items here… However, like the Leaning Tower of Pisa, you are going to get several Tilt Warnings.

ZCastle: Sick of wielding your Wii controller, fighting to save Zelda in your pajamas? Then ZCastle is the year round stop to meet all of your day to day medieval needs! Purchase armor, swords, axes, shields, daggers, fairy costumes and more. Now you can be prepared when the dealers at Excalibur attack, or just for just a normal Tuesday night on Balzar Ave and Martin Luther King Blvd.

Dead Poet Books: One of the biggest independent books stores around. We’ll be searching for the Necronomicon… We’ve got a bone to pick with Ash.

Want more info? Want to meet Picard Maneuver in Las Veags? See a show? Place a “Kick Me” sign on their back? Join us at or e-mail us at

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